No Secrets Here, Just A Normal Way To
Lose Weight & Look Great

Hi, I'm John Barban. I have a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph. I also have a Masters in Human Biology and I did graduate research and taught exercise physiology at the University of Florida (Go Gators!)

Do you want to lose weight in a normal way in six weeks?

Forget about the “diets,” the morning routines, and random tactics.

What if you could stop worrying about doing everything “perfectly” — and start having the body and life you really want?

“Finally — a proven, legitimate program to get into near-perfect shape… and turn it into an easy-going lifestyle — with just 3 adjustments to the way you approach dieting.”

I know people who’ve been spinning their wheels on this problem for years.

Imagine, another Friday afternoon. You're home from work, feeling like you do at the end of every week. What are you doing?

6 weeks from now, you’ll be 6 weeks older.

If you want to be in shape, then you need the answer to one question. (And it’s the question everyone asks when they are finally ready to do it…)

The one question is:

Why is it so easy to gain weight… but extremely hard to lose it? Seriously, why does literally one Dorito seem to add 2-lbs to your waist…
…yet running 3-miles does nothing?

Don’t even try to blame “bad” genetics! (You’re fine.)

You have normal genetics, you just need to know how your genetics really work, and you’ll be back in control. (And all this is going to happen in the next three minutes.)

NEW — RULE BREAKER. Packed with evidence-based weight loss strategies, Rule Breaker will teach you how to lose weight in a way that works for you rather than against you. No matter your weight loss goal, Rule Breaker offers a proven framework for finding weight loss success. John Barban, one of the world's leading experts on health, fitness, and nutrition, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

But first, yes, you are correct. It’s easier to gain than lose. Mother Nature is not out to get you… it’s the opposite… she’s protecting you. You see, your ability to “pack on the pounds” is what makes you healthy, and protects you from getting sick.

But there’s a loophole that Mother Nature built into your system, where you can eat that Dorito and still lose the pounds.

It’s not easy to guess it, almost no one knows about it and it’s not what you think.

Which is to say, to finally solve the problem of losing weight and looking good, you can’t be fighting against yourself. It has to feel normal. It has to feel good, healthy and fun. But for most people, it doesn’t.

And for good reason:

I’m guessing you have a reason for wanting to lose weight. Maybe because summer is here, a wedding is coming up, you’re in a new relationship (or revitalizing a current one!), you have a new job… and you need that svelte body, and you need it NOW!

This is where all the tips, tactics, and diets fall apart. It feels like the diet is trying to kill you, instead of helping you.

Some weight loss expert might be telling you “Excuses don’t burn calories!”

Well, next time you hear that expert, tell them you aren’t in the military or trying out for the National Football League.

What you’re doing is something normal people do: preparing for a wedding, or a family event. Tell that expert you’re doing something you’re excited about… you’re getting ready for vacation or a new job… and that losing weight shouldn’t be miserable! In fact, next time you see them go one step further, unsubscribe from their emails and stop following them on social media.

No need to kill yourself to become happy!

To lose weight, you’re in the right place at the right time.
This page shows you how.

I’m assuming you already know the basics of weight loss because all these websites will tell you a little — but not enough:

  • Youtube
  • That buff fitness expert on Instagram
  • Blogs from “supermoms”
  • Mom-isms — “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.”
  • Oprah, Ellen, and Dr. Oz

This kind of media tells you to have a grapefruit in the morning, lemon water at night, broccoli with chicken breast, butter in the coffee, and of course…

You Must Set Aside All Carbs.

But really… but how do we get it all to work? And is this advice safe?

Getting a diet to work is like solving a perplexing jigsaw puzzle. As you sweat over the puzzle, trying to get the pieces to fit, your belly silently inches itself fatter, and the weeks go by.

How do we solve this puzzle?

NEW APPROACH: First, stop labeling foods as “good” or “bad.” Then, build a system around your favorite foods.

First, you have to stop setting goals because the research shows that goals don’t work (more on that in a bit).

Second, you need to accept that there are no foods to avoid! The first photo of me that you saw, I’m eating a donut! If I avoid my happy food, I’ll suffer and be miserable — the opposite of success.

Two very different problems, but the result is the same — no progress.

What I discovered is that we’re obsessed with the search for more tactics. So we search and search… and get discouraged because we can’t find a list of rules that work.

I’ve been changing my clients “view” on weight loss for the last 22 years.

The truth is…

You cannot follow rules that say Eat This… But Not That.

Giving you a list of rules is pointless. I can give them to you right now — but it wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s because losing weight is not about finding some encyclopedia of rules.

It’s about finding a natural way of eating THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.

If you're having trouble losing weight, the problem isn't you. The problem is your system. Your struggle to lose weight is not because you don't want to change but because you have the wrong system for change. You do not rise to the level of your weight loss goals. You fall to the level of your systems. In Rule Breaker, you'll get a clear plan that can take you to new heights.

My approach has helped over a half a million people lose weight and look great. I’m known for my ability to distill complex science into simple behaviors that can be easily applied to daily life and work.

In Rule Breaker, I draw on the most proven ideas from biology, psychology, and neuroscience to create an easy-to-understand guide for making losing weight inevitable and gaining weight impossible. After 22 years of doing this, I know what really works. Not just for athletes and celebrities, but also for hard-working people with normal lives, with busy days, and who love their downtime. (I’ll tell you more about those supposed celebrity bodies in a moment!).

If you have a job, kids and take weekends off — it works.

If you travel, eat out and don’t mind a cocktail or three — it works.

If you are frustrated at a lack of results, it works especially well, because the results are fast.

Rule Breaker unlocks your genetic, step-by-step system for losing weight. Rule Breaker isn’t a list of foods to have or avoid or a list of meals.

Instead of random tactics…
build a SYSTEM

Rule Breaker takes a different approach (luckily it’s easy).

“First, we see where you’re falling victim to “Restrained Eating.”

Here, I show you your true “eat healthy” system. One that is natural and feels like second-nature. Sometimes, your favorite foods — the ones that give you comfort — can unlock your fat-burning potential.

Then, you check the Rule Breaker guide to see if the system works for you and your daily schedule — BEFORE you spend weeks following it! (Almost nobody realizes that they could eat a Dorito, not work out and still be a pound lighter by tomorrow. And don’t worry, Rule Breaker can match a system to you no matter your situation!)

This sounds simple but is actually a totally different approach than most people take.

“Then, let your system peel off fat.”

Imagine knowing that you had a biological loophole to peel off fat. What then?

The next step is to stop trying all the “secrets, tactics, or rules” that burn off fat such as following a Ketogenic diet to the letter or waking up earlier.

And again, they fall back into the same pattern! They try to burn fat by avoiding one vegetable or something — or try what Nicole Kidman said on her Twitter account — and try and try to somehow turn it all into a fat loss plan.

What they actually needed was less random tactics and “lists of rules”…

…and instead use a system that lets a fat-burning loophole every person has to burn fat for them 24/7. Rule Breaker has a step-by-step SYSTEM for unlocking your fat-burning loophole — without overhauling your life — before you commit hundreds of hours.

A SYSTEM to give you healthy behaviors and habits that make losing weight easy.

A SYSTEM that tells you whether you’re on the right track or not… so if something’s not working, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it and get back on track.

A SYSTEM for how to exercise as much — or as little — as you want, with your available time.

But RULE BREAKER is about a SYSTEM — not random tactics.

5 differences between Rule Breaker and
ordinary weight loss plans

Look at the striking differences between Rule Breaker and ordinary weight loss plans. Which approach do you want to use in your life?


MOST PEOPLE: "How do I keep it off once I lose it / Losing belly fat seems impossible/ I eat healthy and follow the rules but nothing works/ Why is it so difficult for me to lose the weight? It must be nice to be able to focus on just losing weight and eating the foods you can’t tolerate.”

PEOPLE WITH RULE BREAKER: "I used to think that once I the lost belly fat, I would struggle to keep it off. But now I realize that the less I worry about which foods to avoid, and instead follow my natural eating system, the easier it is to keep my healthy lifestyle. Staying lean and trim, and the habits that go with it has become second nature. I live a stress-free healthy life. And I know I’ll keep the healthy body I deserve.


MOST PEOPLE: "I just need to find the right morning routine, then I can finally get the body I want. I just need to know what foods to eat and when, and I’ll be good. If I know how I can get motivated, and do this program consistently, I will be set. If I know how to get back on the wagon after a bad eating day, I can find success.”

PEOPLE WITH RULE BREAKER: "I don’t give a shit about finding the perfect routine. I used to stress so much about “what to eat when” or feel terrible if I “screwed” up. I now own healthy habits that work for me. Tactics sound cool at first, but they end up being overwhelming. With my system, I have my natural eating routine. I eat what I want — day in and day out — when I want. I don’t wait for random motivation to beat off hunger cravings while trying to eat with a perfect diet. It’s so freeing being able to eat what you like, and not stress about it.”


MOST PEOPLE: "I've tried so many different diets, routines, new foods, and they never work. I might lose a bit, but it just never works out. I don't know. Maybe because of my age/condition/metabolism…"

PEOPLE WITH RULE BREAKER: "Once I had my way, losing weight became easy. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you. I thought I had a broken metabolism, but I found I was just trying diet secrets that weren’t matched up to me. Once I removed all of the nonsense, my body took over and melted off the fat.”


MOST PEOPLE: "I can’t find the motivation. If I screw up the diet, I lose motivation. It’s so overwhelming, all of these foods to avoid or buy. I know I’ll be motivated when I see results.

How do I pull this off with my crazy busy schedule? Do I need to exercise? I am so exhausted at the end of each day. How do I follow this strict routine to make it work? I don't have any more hours in the day."

PEOPLE WITH RULE BREAKER: "Every one of us has the same amount of hours in the day. And we don’t have endless motivation. Once I stopped trying to follow a strict diet or forcing myself to the gym, I found motivation. I own dependable habits that just keep the weight off. I now have a healthy lifestyle and got it without overhauling my day.


MOST PEOPLE: "I don’t know where to start. There’s so much different advice out there. It’s overwhelming."

PEOPLE WITH RULE BREAKER: "There are so many exciting things I want to do. My healthy lifestyle and slim waistline is now a natural part of who I am. I have the confidence to go about my day, eat what I want, and not stress about it. I found my way instantly, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. It’s now an easy habit for me to live lean and healthy.”

What's the one fallacy of mainstream weight loss plans?

No matter the method, secret, or technique, sets of rules and goals are the basis for diet plans.

Let’s take a peek at rules first.

If you go back in diet history, it’s like mainstream diets today:

  • Good for you — Bad for you.
  • Eat this — Not that.
  • This causes fat burning — That causes fat gain.

Current fat loss concepts we hear from our modern experts are archaic. I mean, OLD. For instance, the Ketogenic diet, now all the rage, has been recycled and re-hashed for almost 100 years. It started as a holistic treatment to help fight Epilepsy in the 1920s. When better Epilepsy treatments came along, the diet became an afterthought for a bit.

Today, the Ketogenic diet is labeled with dozens of health claims. Some claim it can cure cancer. Many claim it can make you smarter. Others claim it as a way to get ripped abs. What about all its studies?

All of the big claims about Ketogenic come from a tiny, fractional set of studies. Most, if not all, of the conclusive sounding results were done on people suffering from both morbid obesity and diabetes. Even in those studies, the people in the trial were put back on a normal diet, since Ketogenic Diets are dangerous long term.

But that doesn’t relate to normal weight loss, not even close.

The idea that a short-term diet — one that still has inconclusive results — used for someone with morbid biological issues, will work for normal weight loss is an example of what can be called a conventional absurdity: a statement that goes against all common sense but many believe because it is so pregnant with promise. (Things like, “speed up your metabolism by eating at certain times” and “carbs make you fat and fats burn fat” and “avoid one veggie to restart your metabolism” are all examples.”)

Most trained experts tend to be skeptical of fat loss theories that sound like the ultimate fat loss secret has been discovered. Those who only have a superficial knowledge of diet, nutrition, and exercise tend to only focus on the possibility of what an idea may do. Those more deeply informed about health, biology, and nutrition are much more cognizant of what will, and will not work for people in the real world.

Good experts know ten anecdotes are no better than one, and a thousand anecdotes are no better than ten. To find out if a weight loss strategy works, no number of anecdotes can ever constitute proof.

What’s a better way to look at eat this and not that?

The basic diet rule of eat this and not that makes sense. Following a diet like the Ketogenic, looks like it should work. How our mind works, we want rules, and we want systems. Our brain works well with maps.

We can say eating fresh Kale is better than eating Doritos. We can choose a grilled chicken breast over a hot dog. We can avoid the bad, and go for the good. These things seem innate, smack-on-the-head obvious. Naturally, it looks and feels right to create a plan around banishing certain foods and choosing foods with better “health” qualities.

Problem is, it doesn't line up with how we evolved to eat. A little glitch exists with how our mind works with eating. We like maps and patterns, but our brains’ signals for eating — evolved well before our food abundant society.

Let's say we're out at dinner, and we enjoy a big dinner, and we feel stuffed. We say, "Put a fork in me, I'm done. I can't have another bite."

They bring out dessert…

You try to avoid it, but you say, maybe just a little bit. Several bites later, you ate an entire dessert. Even though just seconds ago, you were done eating, you somehow ate more.

How is it we keep eating after feeling stuffed?

The Gorging Gene
How Trying To Work Against Your
“Hunter-Gatherer” Eating DNA
Can Keep You Fat

Today, we feel guilty and confused with our struggle to not binge on the sweetest and greasiest food we can find. It’s so easy for us to binge on high-calorie foods that do little for our waistline. We tell ourselves we know better, but we still give in and have a treat.


In nature, we evolved for survival. For our foraging forebears, high-calorie sweets were rare, and we never knew when, or even if our next meal was coming. So when one of our ancient ancestors came across a sweet fig or a fatty food, they ate as much as they could to survive. Consequently, the instinct to gorge on high-calorie food was hard-wired into our genes. That’s why after eating a big dinner, we can polish off a tub of ice cream when we get home.

Diets force you to argue against this gene instead of work with it. As we’ll see in a moment, you have a biological loophole, a foraging instinct, which shows you how to eat in a way which burns fat.

Diets pose an issue, the food decisions diets force you into, make you argue with yourself all the time.

  • It's eat this and not that.
  • But should I eat that?
  • Am I eating too late?
  • Are sweet potatoes fattening?
  • I ate something bad, now I need to make up for it! But how?

For the last twenty years, I've looked at hundreds of diet plans. On average, all of them set you up to be at odds with yourself. Our subconscious mind makes over 200 decisions a day about food. When you add in the rules, it sets up an argument. Current diet advice sets you up to argue with yourself all day long. What kind of life is that? A miserable one.

We can dimly recall hearing, “if you skip breakfast, you trigger a survival instinct and force your body to retain fat and overeat.” Well, the idea misses the mark entirely but is likely a poor misinterpretation of the right idea.

That being, when you tell your body to avoid foods,
your brain does the opposite. It triggers the
worst part of the Gorging Gene.

For example, you can start a diet, and feel excited for the first day or two. Your excitement comes with high hopes of being disciplined, motivated, and committing to making it work. Maybe three days or so into your goal, as you tough out hunger pangs and try to buy the right foods, your motivations begin to drop. All you can think about are the foods you are ignoring, and the hunger pangs nagging you with reminders. You feel overwhelmed, tired, and wonder when will it end.

You endure, you eat healthy, you workout, yet results aren’t happening fast enough. Then, on a Friday afternoon, exhausted from a long week at work, you just want to relax. You want to stream your favorite show on Netflix, kick back with an adult beverage and unwind. Let’s say, someone at work brought in one of your favorite treats. Maybe it’s brownies, maybe it’s wings, whatever it is, it’s YOUR comfort food. And that food is on your diet’s "forbidden list,” you've been told it packs on fat. Nonetheless, you’ve been good all week, one bite won’t kill you, right? You deserve a reward.

You take a bite — WHAM.

You get whacked with guilt, so you say, "To hell with it." You give in more and eat junk for the rest of the day or week. You say, "I will start again, Monday."

The more you think a food is bad, the more rules you put onto foods, the more you trigger your Gorging Gene.

The Same Thing Making You Overeat Can Also Flip On
Your Hour-by-Hour Fat-Burning Ability

Our brain is designed to forage and hunt. We are designed to eat what we can to survive. The issue is, the more we tell ourselves “no” to a food, we begin to struggle. It goes against our evolved and natural way of eating. We own natural eating patterns, and ways to unlock those eating patterns. We also evolved to be upright, healthy, and lean.

In other words, our brain equipped us with a natural eat healthy strategy. We are equipped to burn off fat, we are equipped to possess a lean, healthy body, we are equipped with an eating strategy to get our ideal body. You just have to work with it, instead of against it. Your gorging gene has the ability to both get you lean or fat.

Which way do you want to choose?

Lose weight, of course!

So how do we do this?

We have covered how trying to avoid foods works against you. All things being equal, nearly all diets, or routines, have you avoiding foods to some extent. Any diet telling you to avoid foods is not likely going to work.

We have to instead work with how our brain likes to solve things. We have to start with the fact that we are problem-solving machines. Here’s how we can solve the problem of not losing weight.

In my experience, only 3 models work for losing weight and looking great. In two of the models, you must make lose weight — look great your #1 priority in life. Which none of us have the money and time to do. Also, they both work against your brain’s natural instincts.

People who do make it their ONE THING often have a name: athletes, models, and movies stars. If we're frank, however, when we look at the rest of their lives, it's often unbalanced and unhealthy! In the weight loss style I like, it's about doing what's reasonable in your own life.

Here are the Three models that work, and to pick from to successfully lose weight.

Model #1 External Goals:

  • You're the actor Chris Pratt.
  • You just got picked for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • You got 90 days to get ripped.
  • You're 30lbs above where you need to be.

This is External Motivation. You have a short time frame to get ripped for an event. I mean, really ripped. Here, though, you have the luxury of time and budget to get it right, or you lose your job.

Model #2 Intrinsic Goals:

  • You're training for a fitness goal like a marathon, a tough mudder, an Ironman.
  • It's on your bucket list to do one.
  • You will stop at nothing to reach this goal.

This is Intrinsic Motivation. You're willing to prep food, count calories, and give up your social life. You may know someone in this category. They weigh their grapes to make sure they have 171.7 carbs for the day. They go to bed at 7:30, wake up at 4:15 am to do a 3-hour bike ride in the cold. Well, in this category, you're ok giving up a lot of your natural life and the things you enjoy to reach a specific goal.

What if you don’t have all day to prep meals? Or you're not playing a superhero in a movie? Or you have no plans to run the Kona Ironman in 2 hours?

That leaves us with only one model left that works.

Model #3 — Smart Challenges

These are called Smart Challenges because Goals, which we all try to set, are too easy to miss. When we miss a goal, even by a bit, it feels like we let ourselves down. We often feel guilty when missing a goal. Goals outside of weight loss have their place and can work. For instance, at our jobs, goals are helpful, even essential.

Weight loss, however, is a biological process. Unlike work, you can’t project manage or conduct meetings to trim a waistline. Notice that goal setting doesn't work with diets. Goals create an unnecessary burden of negative emotions and a sense of futility when trying to lose weight.

I know it sounds weird because we're so used to saying “my goal is to lose 30lbs.” Or, "my goal is to be at 135lbs." Nevertheless, this form of goal setting sabotages our chances to lose weight.

For example, let's look at a popular weight loss goal from Google: losing 10 pounds in a week.

Let's see how losing ten pounds in a week plays out.

We set the goal: Lose ten pounds in a week. We then have a brutal week of hunger cravings, avoiding foods, and getting irritable. Yet, we are sticking to our goal. We do a great job of following the diet. At the end of the week, we step on the scale, and… we lost 5 pounds.

We feel like we are not losing weight fast enough. Look, losing five pounds in a week is a great step forward. Losing even just one pound, in fact, is remarkable considering our normal day. Nonetheless, when we set the goal of 10 pounds, 5 pounds looks like a failure.

The main point is common fat-loss programs set us up to feel bad. The main culprit being that the goals are easy to miss. We can give in, have a carb, and we feel like we blew our diet.

Alternatively, we know how to overcome challenges. Which is why I like Smart Challenges. Our brain is hardwired to solve problems. We are hardwired to solve challenges.

Challenges are inherently motivating. When we do overcome one, it makes us feel great. It feels good to take on a challenge. We can even brag about it. They’re worth bragging about.

If you get 5% or 65% or even 99% there, you’ve accomplished something significant. You can come back to it and complete it later. We feel motivated by a challenge.

Whereas, goals are only motivating when you write them down. Everything else about goals, when it comes to weight loss, is proven not to work.

For example, some famous athletes set a goal of winning, whereas others have an intention to do their best with small challenges. While the goal of winning is good, it’s often those who focus on small challenges who end up winning.

Sarah Sellers was a virtual unknown amateur runner who got second place in the 2018 Boston Marathon. She decided out of the blue to do the marathon for fun because her brother was running in it. She had an initial time goal, but after seeing the terrible weather, and hoping to just finish the race, she decided to focus on small little challenges. In doing so, she beat every top female runner in the world with the exception of one. Other runners rigidly stuck to their big goal, but the horrible weather made that too taxing. As a result, the nurse from Arizona, Sarah Sellers, made sports history.

As we saw, the weight loss categories tied to goals are extreme. One is a rapid style to shed pounds and get buff. The other is for an intense athletic competition. Both require strict discipline and willpower.

You also have to work against your Gorging Gene, which, as we now know, is almost impossible. Unfortunately, typical diet plans are born from those two extreme categories. While they are suited for those two categories, they prove strenuous for normal people.

Normal, everyday people can't live in extremes. Again, by normal: someone who values family time, makes time for friends, likes to travel and lives with balance and purpose.

To lose weight: goals are taxing, challenges fuel motivation. Challenges work because of how our brain is wired to solve things.

Here's how smart challenges work for weight loss:

  • Easy to start.
  • Easy to fuel motivation.
  • Easy to stick with.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Easy to develop healthy habits.

Challenges are fun. We like to solve them. Challenges also work with how we evolved to eat, and how our brains signal us to eat. I'm going to set up the smart challenges so they can work for you.

My smart challenges break all the recognized diet rules. The rules you're going to want to break.

Breaking common diet rules, freeing yourself from stressful concepts, is all part of the Rule Breaker Method.

Our brain evolved to say, "See food. Eat food. Survive." As soon as we fight against this instinct, it drains willpower. We can agree that most weight loss plans aren't matched to your motivations.

Here are three problems you need to solve to lose weight. It breaks down into three practical steps which make your Gorging Gene peel off fat.

  1. Can't Live Without

  2. Can Do Without

  3. Hot Button Foods

Can't Live Without

Here's the first problem you need to solve.

Diets tell us to get rid of a lot of foods. To us, some of these foods give comfort, safety, and security. We enjoy it for our own reasons. Maybe you enjoy a beer with your burger. Perhaps you love ice cream. For me, it's donuts. I love donuts.

If I told you to get rid of one of those foods, it sucks. It creates stress. What good is being healthy if you're only stressed?

Of course, if you're stressed, it's not good for your health. When we get rid of foods, it poses social challenges. As in, it makes it tough to participate in social environments. We can't enjoy going out to dinner with friends. Instead, we are stressed about what we should be eating.

An old friend of mine followed a rigid, organic Ketogenic diet. He came to restaurants bringing his own food. He came to backyard BBQ's with a cooler full of his own foods. He yammered on to everyone about how he eats. As you can guess, he never enjoyed himself. As a result, he got invited less and less to hang out. He never lost any weight, and still continues to jump from diet to diet, without any progress.

I can't live without my morning donut. Each morning I grab a coffee and a donut. I grab it at Tim Horton's on my way to work.

As I said, you have your favorite foods. We all have our comfort foods. Truly, these are the foods you can't live without. If you go on a rigid diet, not having one of these foods almost kills you. One of my colleagues loves Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. She has one each day. Another client, can't go without a few scoops of ice cream each night. Whatever it is, these foods are a must-have for you. Then, have them!

This list of foods is called Can't Live Without.

Why should you have these foods?

First, they satiate the Gorging Gene. You remove the argument and instead flow with your natural eating patterns. Having these foods reduces hunger cravings and it makes losing fat enjoyable. Having your specific Can’t Live Without Foods in the right way — as Rule Breaker shows you how — turns on your 24/7 fat burning switch while making fat loss easy and simple.

Can Do Without

We now come to the second problem you need to solve: figuring out what you don’t want in the house.

Here's what I mean.

I like pasta. The problem is, if I buy it, I cook the whole box. After I cook it, the pasta stands no chance. I eat it all. Eating a pile of pasta is not good for my waistline. As I said, I like pasta, but I don't crave it. So I choose not to get it at the store. I choose instead to eat pasta at restaurants rather than keep it in the house.

In short: keep certain foods out of the house. I’m talking about the foods you are likely to overeat for no real reason. Owing to the Gorging Gene, in our modern society, we have become Target Eaters. As in, we get a box of some food, one we like but don’t love, and we finish the box. It’s like when we go to the movies and eat stale popcorn. We don’t like it, maybe we don’t even like popcorn that much, but still we polish off all the popcorn.

We can mindlessly buy these foods or have them at work. We can just keep eating them for no real reason. Well, once you know how to spot these foods using your Rule Breaker system, they’ll stop adding inches to your waistline. You can still enjoy them, but why not enjoy them when you really crave them?

Hot Button Foods

We now arrive at the last problem to solve.

Hot Button Foods are your Achilles heel. You can inhale these foods. Once they are in front of you, they vanish.

For me, it's Chicken Wings. If a basket of wings is in front of me, it's gone before anyone blinks. My sister, it's Chips Ahoy Cookies. She can eat the entire box. A client of mine, it's Chips and Salsa. For another, it's Pizza.

In short, you can eat wild amounts of these foods. A lot of these foods are known as your "guilty pleasures.” Most diets forbid them, many experts patronize you into believing just having one of these foods makes you fat.

I'm telling you to have them.

Enjoy these foods in a celebration setting. Here’s what I mean. I like to eat Wings with my friends watching a sporting event. I look forward to the event. I know I am going to eat a lot of wings, and I take that into account. By the time the day comes, I inhale wings without a worry.

My clients enjoy seeing these foods as a special event. As a result, they enjoy that food more. They enjoy the event more. It becomes a celebration. Even preparing for it, it gets exciting. And eating it without guilt removes stress. It also works with your Gorging Gene instead of against it.

Armed with these three lists you unlearn scared eating. They can eliminate a lot of guilt and stress which keeps fat stuck to your body.

I'm not saying you can eat 100 Twinkies a day, or 8 boxes of pizza a day. However, demonizing foods, and setting strict goals does not work. In fact, as I’ve shown you here today, and as true experts know: Studies of successful weight loss reveals that the common theories of — (1) labeling foods good or bad (2) setting strict goals — are wrong. Not just wrong, but flat earth wrong.

Here on this page, I've done my best to give you simple, grounded advice. We can agree it's best to use something specific to you. We make faster progress when we possess our ideal eat healthy strategy. For example, depending on your body and lifestyle, more carbs might be great, or fewer carbs might be the ticket. Again, it depends on you. It depends on your daily lifestyle. It depends on the foods you love. And it depends on how much weight you need to lose.

If you want your specific fat-loss guide,
you're perfect for the Rule Breaker Method.

The Rule Breaker Method is a result of 20 years of research. The Rule Breaker Program is backed by science, experience, and results. I designed the formula to tailor itself to you and your needs.

As you know, a lot of diets exist, a near endless amount of options.

Today, over 170 food allergies are known to exist. No one cure exists for any of them. Yet, 8 of the allergies are easy to figure out. The rest, however, are tricky to find. If you have one of the trickier ones, it takes a while to find it.

You can try to figure it out yourself. As in, you can look up your symptoms and try certain eating plans. On one plan, maybe you sleep better, but you're bloated. So you pick something else. You try a supplement, after a few weeks, you're not bloated, but you get exhausted.

After a while, you've tried 12 different approaches. Today, however, you can get a genetic test. You can dig deep into your DNA and find out what allergies you have. While it's expensive, you can get a good answer.

Which means, we went from chaos to a solution.

With weight loss, we faced a similar approach to get an answer.

For example:

You try a low-carb approach — but you're hungry.

You try Paleo — but it's too time-consuming.

You try low fat — but you tend to overeat carbs.

You try Ketogenic — but it's confusing and expensive.

You give each one a few weeks. Some may work, others may not. Some will work, but you feel hungry, or tired. For nearly all of them, the rules are rigid.

Let's not forget, you're picking diets without a professional. You're not getting specifics on what will work for you. In short, you're not getting your specific weight loss code. With Rule Breaker, you get your clear-cut weight loss code.

Out of all the chaos, a fat loss system exists.

As for the other systems — the diet books or ebooks — some are ok. The courses or home DVD workouts, they can work. Still, none of it is tailored to you. Instead, you have to take time to adapt those approaches to you. You need to make a lot of changes as we learned.

Rule Breaker is the first system to calculate your specific diet. All you have to do is tell the program a few things, and Rule Breaker gives you your weight loss sequence.

Every single person can be successful if they know what steps to take. If they know the following:

  • If more or fewer carbs are better for them.
  • If they know how much to eat.
  • If they know which style of exercise suits them.
  • If they knew how much protein and how much fat they should have.

If you knew all that, it removes frustration. It makes it easy to stick to your waist trimming habits; especially, if it's designed to work with your specific needs and tailored to your specific lifestyle. But look, you're not a food biologist. You don't have training in Applied Human Nutrition. And I doubt you're reading Neuroscience Obesity books.

All things being equal, your current weight loss program is not lined up to you. It might be giving you too much protein. It might be leaving you hungry. It might be making you deficient in nutrients. It might be leaving you with flabby results. I don't know, but, the Rule Breaker program does.

Before today, an interactive guide like Rule Breaker would cost thousands. You would have to have gone to a University or Testing Facility. A going rate would be at least $10,000. I'm not going to charge you $10,000.

I have a mission: I want Rule Breaker to be the last system you use. I want it to be your answer to losing weight. Rule Breaker is perfect for the person tired of the struggle. Someone fed up with diets and routines not working. If that sounds like you, then we're a fit.

Rule Breaker works like I am there with you. Coaching and guiding you every step of the way. The formula tailors the entire guide to your specific needs.

Today, and from this page only, you can
get Rule Breaker for only $29.

Yes. Only a one-time payment of $29!


To get Rule Breaker, press the button. From there, you will be taken to a secure checkout page. A SSL secure page protects your information. Everything is 100% safe and secure.

Rule Breaker instantly downloads to your computer. Every guide will be right at your fingertips. Also, you will get access to your Member's Cockpit. There you will have your Rule Breaker Calculator. Just plug in your specific numbers. And then, you will have unlocked your genetic passcode for peeling off fat.


My page here contradicts most fat loss ideas. I'm telling you to stop labeling foods as Good or Bad. You can eat Pizza, Candy Bars, Ice cream or whatever. I'm also not telling you that certain foods bestow magical health benefits.

I'm here with the complete opposite of what most say, so you might think my head is full of rocks. I'm saying if you want to eat before bed, go ahead. If you want chocolate or chips, then have them. I want you to put me to the test and to put Rule Breaker to the test. I'm going to give you 60 full days to see if Rule Breaker works.

Rule Breaker is backed by a no-nonsense
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Even if you're just on the fence and not sure, you have 60 days to test drive Rule Breaker. If after a few days you prefer strict diet rules, then return it. If you don't have time to lose weight, return it. If you just don't like any of my ideas, then return it. You will get a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.



As I said, I'm on a mission. I want to eliminate the soul-draining struggle to lose weight. I want to remove the fear of something else not working. Also, I want nothing to get in the way of your decision. Today, I'm going to include 3 FREE Upgrades with your order.

FREE Upgrade #1

Success Tracker Journal

"What is the one thing I can do to get lean?"

I sometimes get asked this question when I'm out and about. I first say, "Eat balanced. Next, stop calling foods good or bad." Then, I give what I think is the big key to success. "Do your best to do something good for your health each day. It can be a walk around the office park. It can be saying no to second helpings of food. Just do your best for one small win."

It sounds like folksy advice, but it’s proven advice. Proven by top Nutrition Marketing Research at Cornell University. Naturally, I've taken it a few steps more.

I've created a guided weight loss journal. My clients find the journal addicting, and see it as a driving core of their success. The Success Tracker Journal works with your life. It tracks specific aspects needed to make fat loss easy.

You won't have to motivate yourself or anything; it's as simple as making an X-mark on a calendar.

On its own, the Success Tracker Journal is $27.

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FREE Upgrade #2

Thinking Thin

Here's a sneaky little secret of healthy, fit people. They possess a different mindset of eating healthy. They embody different behaviors for losing weight. They don't have superior genes. They are not gifted with incredible willpower. Nor do they possess sage-like discipline. They have a different approach. The approach, the mindset, has been tested, dissected and now made available.

I have broken it all down for you in Thinking Thin.

My clients call this product "freeing." They report before they tried to change. As in, they tried to become something they weren't. After they got Thinking Thin — they just were the healthy person. In their day, their life, they live as the healthy person. Again, I show you how to get this simple switch in your thinking.

On its own, Thinking Thin is $37.

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FREE Upgrade #3

Social Eating Survival Guide

Despite what many think, weight gain creeps up on people. It isn't just because you ate a Snickers or a slice of bread. Most weight gain occurs during the Holiday Season. And also from Social Events. This fact is doubly true if you label foods as Good or Bad. The Health Halo does its most damage with these events.

In the Social Eating Survival Guide, I reframe social eating. I reveal secrets to make Social Eating a fat burning powerhouse. With a few small tweaks, you can make going out pleasurable. My clients love this guide. It truly frees them from the most common pitfalls which cause weight gain.

On its own, it's $17.

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So let's recap what you're getting today.

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Again, no other fat loss plan is like Rule Breaker.

I'm not here with a guide of foods to avoid or foods to eat. I'm not here with pseudo-science triggers for fat-melting. I'm here to give you YOUR plan to burn fat.

I want a client tired of nonsense. I prefer what works. I prefer something straight up the middle. I don't mess with extremes. I prefer simple science. I prefer something easy and simple to use.

If that sounds like you, act now.

Your order is backed with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I have done everything to present my solution. By now, you have enough information to make a decision.

The choice is up to you.